Alchemy Earth: Our Shows

At the heart of our practice Alchemy Artistic are theatre makers. Our shows are our foundations, the very ground on which we stand. So, it makes sense that this branch of our business falls under the banner of 🜃 Alchemy Earth. This is where we plant, grow, sow…and reap the benefits! 

Currently, this program is producing Alchemy Artistic’s debut show (an exciting, fresh take on Gordon Graham’s seminal classic The Boys) which will electrify ACT Hub, as the first (of only three) Hub Too 2022 shows. Our Earth program delivers high quality, semi professional works that deliberately speak to our community needs. This work explores the nuances of gendered violence that affects the women, children and men of our community. We have partnered with Shadow House PITS (Joe Woodward), Happydance Creative Graphic Scribe (Arran McKenna), local physical theatre makers and choreographers and a host of other cross-medium artists to explore this work through a contemporary lens.