Alchemy noun The seemingly unimaginable process of extraordinary transformation, by applying the perfect mix or collection of elements.

Alchemy Artistic© is new theatrical collective, operating in Canberra, Australia. Our jam is curiously and passionately collaborating with artists and the community, to explore the possibilities of societal change, through the transformative magic of theatre.

Alchemy Artistic examines social issues through our local lens and works to transform the unexamined (or seemingly unchangeable) into gold. We do this through purposeful pairing of nuanced, theatrical storytelling and; an accompanying collective, rumination offering. Alchemy Artistic applies a blended approach to story sharing (mixing creative collaboration and purposeful facilitation) to aim to make a difference in our community, through the stories we share.

What do we offer? 

Alchemy Artistic are committed to providing audiences with home-grown theatre that allows thought-provoking themes to be further enhanced, through purposefully cultivated spaces & offerings. Our goal is to allow for communal conversations to occur, so we facilitate them…in super creative ways. We aim to inspire evolutionary growth and community mentality about issues, that we feel, matter. This aspect of our performances is our continual commitment to our audiences and is what sets us apart. Each offering is different and has been carefully selected for the project.

Ok. But how?

We do this through four main spheres, with our programs Earth, Fire, Air, Water. Through these programs we aim to enact our mission statement of creating ‘Theatre that speaks. Theatre that listens’.

Read more about our debut offering below.